Sep 30, 2009

Suicide and the bible

Many people have asked the long debated question,

is suicide biblical?

The truth? Yes. Meaning that it is in the bible, but suicide that is mentioned in God's living word isn't so easily discerned for those who do not follow, and even still, a challenge for those who do.

Suicide can be debated, and has been infact, found to be morally and ethically wrong. While others still try to probe the bible trying to find truth and validity to such claims and come up empty handed, stating that it is a matter of personal choice and standards.

While on some level that may be true, such as according to a non believer's stand point, believer's can take heart that the bible is quite clear on the matter. And if one is willing to go digging and delve deeper into God's word, they will find answers that are conclusive but are beyond the scope of just skimming the pages for the mere mention of the word.

Simply put, by biblical standards suicide is wrong and holds no controversy both morally and ethically, but the proof that is needed to put this subject to the test (and at rest) isn't easily answered because

Christianity itself is often misunderstood.